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Kardian Era

9berend9 a posted Nov 5, 14

Here is a quick update on the state of the two servers:

Mojavecraft will migrate host, whilst the server of Kardia will use Mojavecraft's old IP. We are nearly done building the necessary structures (both plugin and buildwise) to release the Beta server to the public. Mojavecraft's original website will be back up, but I have to migrate it to my alternative account. The website URL will remain the same.

In the Beta Kardia server, things are bound to change, so try not to put all your time in it.
Stay tuned!

juliusaaron What is the server iip?
loman Is it up yet?
TNL wow a new server all seems to be going good im glad for yall

Mojavecraft is up + Sales

9berend9 a posted Jul 16, 14

I know, it's been a while. But now, I'm finally off and I can finally work on the server!
I'm rather easy on factions now, so if anyone wants a faction, please say which one you want on the forums and I will see who gets what faction!

I will also soon continue construction on the medieval server's world "Kardia", hosted on my second PC.

Lastly, there's a 25% off for all VIP ranks and 50% off for everything else (Lord/restock/packs) as a sorry for my inability to work on the server.

Have fun!
9berend9 a where *
Insideman7 ayy lmao

The Second Server

9berend9 a posted Apr 23, 14
Hello, wastelanders!

It's been a while since our last update. However, we're working on something big. A second server is on the way (do not worry, it will not replace Mojavecraft's Fallout theme as long as that theme stays alive) and it's going to be...

Fantasy RP!
Ugh, Berend, have you not noticed the thousands of already published and popular Fantasy RP servers? We're sick of them.
So am I. Which is exactly why I'll now make one.
I have a couple of plans to keep this server as unique as possible:
- Custom terrain
- Modified plugins (I'll need someone to help me code !!!)
- Custom lore
- Combination of plugins

And on top of that, the community. Face it, even when speaking unbiased, you guys are by far one of the best communities out there. The only server that is very similar to the one I'm planning to make is MassiveCraft, and, like most other big servers, has a horiffic community. It's your typical "unaccessable" community. The kind of community where you get banned very easily, simply because the admins know they have enough players online, where they have a system where Donators take less damage in PVP, or where the staff is ignorant beyond standarts.

Anyhow, enough with the rant. My point is that I'm making this server as original as possible. I've opened a new forum section for all "New Server" related posts. What I need from you?

- Plugins
- Towns
- Biomes
- Etc
- Characters
- Nations
- Races
- Builders
- Coders

Here are some images of the "Custom Generator" I'm talking about.

Stay tuned! Feel free to offer help!
- Berend

murdercool dis wil be gud
TheKing009 I suppose it is time I make my return Missed ya Berend.
Kyle Not to be "that guy" but on MassiveCraft you called someone a faggot, then got muted?

Mojave "2.0"

9berend9 a posted Feb 23, 14
Hi everyone!

After the third big problem that hit the server, we're now back and stable! The reason for the downtime was my holidy combined with the broken router at my mother's place, crashing the internet. I spent hours fixing it and now we're back! Invite your friends and inform everyone that the server is up and alive!

- Berend
MeepSwanson what is the ip?
Keelerkiwi Hey guys it's been a while and I'm sorry if im a bit of a noob but what is the ip?
nickrozay54 when is it going to get back online